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Image: Václav Havel Library

18 September 2016: It was a pleasure speaking at the Václav Havel Library in Prague on the state of our media, the relativization of truth in a post-fact world, and (my favourite topic) the dangers of Russian disinformation. The full video of the panel discussion in which I partook is available below; the crux of my argument begins at 27:07.

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Image: Russia Today

On 19 April 2015, twenty-five year old Freddie Gray of Baltimore, Maryland, died from spinal injuries sustained during a police arrest. The riots that followed triggered a state of emergency in the city of Baltimore, making national as well as international headlines. As these events unfolded, I turned to YouTube to explore the news coverage: a quick search for ‘Baltimore protests’ yielded everything from live footage to reports to talk show segments detailing the crisis. But between first-page hits from familiar sources like CNN and ABC News, several news reports came from a channel inconspicuously named RT.

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